The Glory of Life, How Can You Still See It?


By Lady Tabitha Daniëlle
Tuesday, March 8, 2022 - 10:00 am

Welcome, welcome dear reader, on this glorious new day. We love to have our moment with you again, and we hope and wish that you still see life for the glory it holds.

How do you look at the world?

For you as a human being, life can look dark and unsettled right now. It is possible that you are feeling some form of fear, because of the events that are taking place at this time.

But we can reassure you about this. As we have said many times before, there is nothing that is happening that should not be happening.

If you look at it from duality, from the 3D view where there is separation, lack and limitation, yes, it is almost overwhelming to see how much damage and pain is now being caused.

We know that you as a human being tend to look at it this way.

The glory of it all, despite suffering

glory of connectionHowever, there is another way, and that is how we look at it, from our perspective. We see the glory of Love. We see the glory of connection, that so much is done among people to help each other.

We see the glory of compassion for those who are struggling, compassion for those who are suffering.

Realize, however, that all the suffering you see is only an illusion and that those who suffer have chosen the challenges they now face.

You find that very unlikely, because your choices were different before you started in this life. Yet the truth is, that no one experiences anything they didn’t want to experience.

Your human mind can’t deal with this

Please understand that these were choices that came from your pre-human existence, and that as a human, this is no longer easily accessible in your memory.

We understand very well that it causes mental brain gymnastics for you, when you try to understand the depth of it. But this just isn’t intended for you as a human being to understand it to begin with.

You want to think in concepts, you want to be able to reason things out logically, but you are limited by the illusions of time and space. You as a human being can’t reason that out.

Connect with knowledge and wisdom

You as the one who you really are, however, can! And you can connect with that part of you, with your Higher Self, with Source, with guides and angels, for all is one.

And all knowledge and wisdom is contained in the great collective consciousness of humanity and all that is. And yes, pleasantly, that is what you are in touch with now.

We are the mouthpiece, we are The Wisdom, the collective consciousness of all that is, and of all that is on earth.

knowledge and wisdomAnd although you may not understand this, we hope it’s dawning on you by now, we are always here, and you can always ask your questions and get them answered within yourself.

You don’t necessarily need a channeled message to do that. The wisdom that is there is also within you. Because all is one.

You are just not used to access and connect with it anymore.

Make a conscious choice

As soon as you raise your vibration, by rising above duality, by moving into Love and letting go of judgement, you will see that you have a different view of what is going on in the world.

You have everything within you to be happy, to live a wonderful life in freedom, in happiness, in abundance.

It is up to you whether you do something with this, or whether you remain stuck in limiting thoughts, which pull your vibration downwards.

Seen from the 3D reality, you are trapped in a web of difficulties, in which one issue is not yet resolved or the next is already presenting itself.

Move to 5D

Let your frequency, your vibration, rise, and you will go to the 5D reality, where there is only Love without judgment, and where every situation on earth, even if it seems scary seen from the third dimension, suddenly takes on the glow of Love.

From where you can see that nothing happens for no reason and that everything leads to new ways of growing the collective consciousness and new possibilities arise for everyone.

You as part of the whole

We fiercely wish that you will see that you too make a contribution to all of this. You are just as important as anyone or anything else in the whole.

cogsTogether we form the great ‘Creation Machine’, which we call Source. And both you and we are cogs in the whole, indispensable cogs.

When you focus on peace, on Love, on harmony, affection between people, no matter who they are, and experience the peace within yourself, you will start to see it reflected in the world around you.

We are The Wisdom. And with these words we are complete for today.

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