Physical Form, What’s the Amazing Plan Behind It?


By Lady Tabitha Daniëlle
Tuesday, February 28, 2023 - 10:00 am

Welcome, welcome, dear human, on this beautiful day. We are so pleased to be able to speak with you again, and we’d like to address the topic of form, as in physical form.

The illusion of physical form

shapes & physical formWhat you see, what you feel with your body, is all physical form in different shapes, sizes and textures. Everything around you has some kind of form.

Now, we know that you usually don’t give much thought to this, but do you understand that the form you see, the physical form that you experience, is nothing but an illusion?

It’s not real, it’s like a fata morgana. And you perceive it as real, because that’s how you’ve been wired.  Otherwise you wouldn’t be able to have the experience you are having right now, in this lifetime.

But in essence, all that is, is energy. We’ve said it many times before. Energy is without form, energy is just energy, wave-lengths, frequencies. In human language it’s hard to describe energy in all is magnitude.

What was the reason to create a physical world?

So, what about physical form? Why did energy focus itself into form?

As we’ve mentioned above, you need some kind of form to be able to experience the world. You have created this world as your playground. To experience what it is being energy in essence and then to experience life in physical form.

decor to play inPhysical form is in itself an expression of divine Art, an expression of divine Love, an expression of divine Creativity. And that was the first purpose for setting up this whole decor for you.

To have a creative place, where you can explore as much as you want. As you know, there is so much available to study, to learn, to observe, to experience in your physical form, in your physical world.

And all of that has been put into place just for the purpose of serving you, serving you to experience.

Physical form gives you the opportunity to explore a different world than the spiritual energetic state that is your normal state.

You are a non-physical being and you have focused yourself into this physical form, into a human being, to explore the infinite possibilities of a life in a totally different realm, a different world, than where you originate from.

What’s the purpose of living in a human body?

So, now you are wondering why. Why did you want to move here, into a human body, with chances of illness, with chances of deep emotions that may cause you anxiety, or pain, or heartbreak?

Well, for that exact reason. You are not capable of experiencing those emotions in your natural state. So you had to come up with a different state of being, which would be able to explore the realm of emotions that are available.

sad emotionsIn fact, you’ve made this whole range of emotions up yourself, to explore and play with. You see, what you as a human consider bad, negative, horrible, hurtful, painful, excruciating, these kinds of emotions are part of the reason why you came here.

To feel the depth of your creation, to understand that there is so much more, to grasp the duality that you placed onto this planet. When you’ve felt the lows you are able to enjoy the highs all the more!

The only way is up

And that’s where you’re going right now. Not just you, everybody, every human being is capable of discovering the way ‘out’ of the sorrow, out of the density of these dark, as you call them, emotions.

And that is what humanity is rising up to. More love, more peace, more harmony, more joy, more delightfulness, more enthusiasm, more growth, more expansion into prosperity and abundance, and we’re not just talking financial or material, but overall.

Your prosperity will go through the roof and it’s here already, if you are willing and able to open your heart and allow it in.

Be in the now-moment, be in Love, enjoy everything you’re experiencing now in your now-moment, in your physical form, and you will see the world, your world, change before your very eyes.

mountain topExpect the expected, enjoy the enjoyment, be passionate about the passion that is here for you to experience. You are everything you wish to be, you already are. And so it is!

We love you dear human, and we wish you the happiest of lives for now and all eternity.

We are The Wisdom, and with that, we are complete for today.

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