The Secrets That the Universe Holds for You


By Lady Tabitha Daniëlle
Thursday, September 8, 2022 - 10:00 am

universeWelcome, welcome, dear human, on this wonderful new day. We are pleased to be with you again to talk about some beautiful things. We’d love to speak with you about the universe, planets, stars, galaxies and how they’re related to you.

How often do you look at the stars and wonder how far they are? Thinking about what might be up there?

Some of you know many the constellations, and are able to find them in the night sky. However, most of you have no idea. They may find the ‘Great Bear’ (also known as ‘Big Dipper’), because it’s the easiest one to spot, but most of the time they have no clue.

Who created the universe?

We would like to talk about this some more, and tell you a little bit about the things that are ‘up’ there. All of the universe from the smallest particle up to the largest of stars, planets and galaxies, are made by… you.

Now before you try to debunk that and go against this, just stop for a while, and read on.

You are Source, Source is you. We’ve often told you this, and we want to confirm this fact again in this message. You are the one, being Source, being the creator of all, that created everything, from the tiniest to the largest of things.

Why are we saying this, and why is it so hard for you to believe this to be true?

Reasons for disbelief

You’ve been programmed to believe that the outside world, including your physical body, is real. And if it were real, there is no way that you, as a mortal human, could have constructed the universe, right?

You’ve been led to believe that it was ‘evolution’, that there was a ‘Big Bang’ from which all of the universe started to expand.

Adam and EveOr you’ve been led to believe that ’God’, as a spiritual entity who needs to be obeyed and calls the shots being the ‘big boss of everything and all’, created it and then made planet Earth and put animals on it, and as the crown of his creation he made Adam and from Adam’s rib he made Eve.

Those are all stories you’ve been buying into, but you have no way to confirm their actuality and truth! Right?

The Truth behind the stories

We are here to tell you that those stories are just that: stories. And they’re not true. Yes, God created everything, but the God you’ve got in mind, isn’t exactly what ‘God’ is in reality.

If you use the word God meaning ‘Source’, ‘All that Is’, the ‘Universe’, then you’re correct. That is the ‘God’ that created all. That is the energy, the power, that is what’s driving all of the universe, and gives energy to everything that has ever existed.

And you are that Source. Inside of you, is that ‘being’, the creator of everything.

Your physical body is not who we mean by that, your human personality is not what we mean by that. We mean the real you, the one that is observing life through your physical eyes.

That is not your human you, it is Source, the real Godly being that is controlling and creating your world!

And that you, Source, God, is the one that created everything, including all the planets, stars, galaxies and every little particle, molecule, atom, neutron etc. that you know of.

Back to the starry night

Now, what does this have to do with watching the stars in the night sky?

It is important that you start to get an idea of how grand you are! When you look up into the night sky there are trillions upon trillions of stars. And your True you is the one that created those. All of them!

Wouldn’t you agree that it’s about time that you start seeing yourself as bigger than your human part?

Isn’t it ignorant to keep thinking that you’re in the hands of psychopaths (the roles some of your fellow humans have chosen to play in their lifetime), that you have no power, no choice, no options, but to follow their rules?

Step into the Power that you are!

acknowledge your powerIsn’t it time to stop being afraid of what people could do to you, to hurt you, either physical, mental or even financial? You are so much more than that! You are Power in physical form.

It’s time, right now, to stop pretending that you are something else than power, stop thinking of yourself as powerless, as small.

Start realizing that your human is a product of Source, and that Source is the one inside of you driving your body!

Merge the two by changing your thoughts about yourself, start tapping into the unlimited power and creative energy that is really you, and begin to see the changes that you are able to make in your human life!

Look up to the stars, and know that you are the creator of it all, and that you have nothing to fear, ever!

We love you dear human. We are you, you are us, it’s all Source, it’s all one. There is nothing but Source!

We are The Wisdom, and with that we are complete.

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