Where Are You in Time and Space?


By Lady Tabitha Daniëlle
Tuesday, September 6, 2022 - 10:00 am

Welcome, welcome, dear human, we are pleased to speak with you again about the matter of time and space. We see how you are caught up in these illusions, and like to specify a few things about it.

Past, present, future

watch timeWhat is time? For humans, time is the chronologically following up of linear placed moments.

You experience time as something that you seem to be able to look back upon, and something that you seem to be able to look ahead for.

But in reality, there is just one moment in time, which is this particular moment, right now. We call this therefore the ‘now moment’, or the ‘present moment’.

Where in time are you?

When you look at time from a linear perspective, you may feel that the now moment is always contaminated with thoughts of the past, and thoughts about the future.

You too may have a tendency to think a lot of thoughts that go back in time, that keep you repeating things in your mind that happened in the past.

And that past can be a few minutes ago, or a few years or even decades ago.

Or you are in the future a lot with your thoughts, completely missing out on the present, because you’re running ahead, trying to figure out how, where and when things should happen, or how, when and where you would want things to happen.

Since there is only the now moment, the present, it’s actually pretty useless to keep your thoughts focused on times that aren’t here anymore or yet, wouldn’t you agree?

Creating your future

Because the past is gone, and the future is yet to come. The future is only created now, in the present moment, by being conscious what you want to create and focusing laser-sharp on that which you want, amplified by your emotions.

How exactly that works would be too much to dive into for this message, but we’ll come back to that topic in a later message. Because there is a lot to talk about on that subject.

Now, back to the other topic: space.

The space you are in, being in the now moment

not in the nowWhere are you right now? And where are your thoughts usually focused?

Are you focused on where you actually are, in the present moment, focused on the space you’re in?

Or are your thoughts usually focused on being somewhere else, maybe with other people, in different situations than you actually are, or in places other than where you are?

Humans are mostly very unaware of there actual whereabouts. Usually they are in their mind, somewhere else than where they actually are.

Be conscious of where you are in time and space

When you think about politics, your upcoming vacation, people you’ve met, things you have to do, things you have done, you are not in the present moment.

You are mentally either in the past or the future, in other times and other spaces than where you actually are. And that is where your problems and issues always start!

Being in the now moment, being present, doesn’t only apply to time, but it definitely also applies to space.

Being in the now moment is being mentally present, not drifting off to other times nor places.

You are being in the now-moment, when you’re fully conscious, experiencing what is there in actuality at that moment in time and space.

Experiencing all the information that comes in through your senses, experiencing whatever is going on right in that moment.

Quiet your mind

That also means that you’re thoughts have to be pretty quiet.

Thoughts are meant to help you as a tool, to figure things out, when you’re working on something that you need your brain for, for example measuring something out, calculate things, working out certain plans.

Your mind however was never meant to dwell on memories or illusions!

quiet the mindYou are a creator, and the only place from which you can consciously create the life and the world you want, is from the now-moment, this particular moment in time, from this particular space you are in.

So, what do we want you to take from this message? We encourage you to be more aware, be more conscious of where you are in time and space, and stop drifting off in your mind to other times and spaces.

Make a shift

Stop repeating old things, images, conversations in your mind, and start living in the now, being present and conscious the best you can.

From there, you will see that you are shifting your perspective and your view on the world. It’s inevitable!

We love you very much, and we look forward to our next conversation.

We are The Wisdom and with that we are complete.

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