What Consequences Does Suicide Have for the Soul?


By Lady Tabitha Daniëlle
Thursday, July 20, 2023 - 10:00 am

Welcome, welcome, dear human, on this beautiful new day. We understand that after reading or previous message about death, that the logical questions arose about suicide.

What are the consequences of suicide, if there are any? And is suicide actually allowed? Are humans allowed to take their own lives and get out of the human experience that way?

Origin of how suicide is usually viewed

Church and religion have imposed their views on suicide for centuriesWe understand the question and we’ll be glad to shine some light on the topic, although not everyone will be pleased with our answer.

Many of you have certain preconceptions about suicide and there are many opinions, beliefs and ideas floating around your planet on this topic, often based on judgment or religious programming.

We understand, and there is no good or bad in that. You are free to have your opinions, you are free to have your beliefs, free to choose whatever church you want to follow, or whatever dogma or teaching you want to implement in your life.

Is it spiritually seen allowed to kill yourself?

When it comes to the topic of suicide, we can be very straightforward with you.

Yes, you are allowed to take your own life, and no, there are no consequences in the way you would think.

Yes, of course it can be that there were still lessons to learn, or experiences they originally wanted to have, for someone that decided to step out of the game.

But like with a human game, people can call it quits. They can leave a game.

The consequence in those cases may be that other people no longer want to play with them, or that sports confederations cancel your membership.

In spiritual terms however there is no such thing. When a person takes their own life, they are not being judged, and they are certainly not being canceled, or sent back to have some awful new earthly experience as a sort of punishment.

There is only love

We understand that many religions have demonized suicide and we understand that people think it’s an act of selfishness, or and act of cowardliness.

As we always tell you, there is no judgment on our side, there is only love. So whoever returns to the spiritual realm after such a decision, will be welcomed with open arms, as everyone else.

There is no shaming, blaming, guilt tripping, or any of that sort of thing. Those are human behaviors, we don’t have those here.

And again, we don’t judge those behaviors, we just notice them, and everyone choosing whatever experience, whatever behavior, is perfectly fine.

Expansion is the goal

expansionRemember that it’s all about expansion, expansion of Consciousness, expansion of your soul, of every soul, and every suicide is a unique experience. It adds to the experience and expansion of Consciousness, of Source.

Because every human taking their life, does it with a different outlook on life, different ideas, different beliefs, different life experiences.

Every experience, not just when it comes to suicide, but literally every experience that anyone has, is an expansion of Source, an expansion of Consciousness.

And since there is only love, there is never a right or wrong in that.

We understand that this answer might not be what you expected or hoped for, but every transition or what you would call death, no matter how it came about, is a unique experience, because every person and every person’s perception is unique.

Play and have fun

Now, we definitely are not propagating suicide, instead we urge you to enjoy your life, to find playfulness and happiness in your human existence, because that is what you wanted to come here for.

Know that everything you do and experience, will always be for the highest good of all, because you are it all, there is no separation, in reality there is only Oneness. Everything and everyone is connected, we are you, you are us, you are them and they are you.

There are no mistakes, there are no wrongs or rights, there are no accidents. All is well, that always has been and always will be. We love you, we love you, we love you.

We are The Wisdom, and with that we are complete.

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