What Is Death? What Happens When You Die?


By Lady Tabitha Daniëlle
Tuesday, July 18, 2023 - 10:00 am

Welcome, welcome, dear human, on this beautiful new day. We are so pleased to be able to speak with you again, and we’d like to answer the questions: What is death? What happens when you die?

Fear of dying

fear of dyingWe see a lot of fear among humans around the topic of death. You have a lot of euphemisms to not even having to use the word ‘death’.

You’d rather call it passed away, kicked the bucket, gone to heaven, gone home, breathed his last, left us, met his maker, checked out, laid to rest, pushing up daisies, bit the dust, left this world, six feet under, no longer with us, on the other side, with the angels, perished, returned to dust, resting in peace, dropped the body… and many more.

Many of you have a tendency to think that death is the end of it all. And that is where the fear comes from. You want to live, you want to stay ‘in the game’ so to speak, to be able to experience more, to keep learning, to be with your family, to enjoy whatever it is that you are enjoying, you don’t want it to end.

Different view of death

And then there’s another group of people, that have had enough of living the human experience. The ones that see no way out of their misery, that are impacted greatly by the suffering they think they are seeing.

Their focus is on the unkindness among humanity, the stress, the worries, and they want nothing more then having it al coming to an end.

They look forward to dying, thinking that it will then be over, that everything is done with after they die.

What is death really?

Well, we are here to explain to you what death really is, and that it never brings a solution for those who deliberately take their life, and it is not the solution you’re expecting when you are looking forward to your dying day.

your body will decompose and cease to existDeath is the end of your physical body, and yes, that is a definitive ending. Your body will return back to the earth, it will dissolve, either by having it cremated, or by the slow process of decomposition.

So yes, that is the end. But only, and we repeat and emphasize, only of your physical body!

What happens when you’re dying?

Your consciousness will remain, it will still be able to think, to be aware of everything that was going on in your human existence.

You will still be aware of all the issues you were fighting against, or for some who were leaving their bodies in an instant – caused by an accident or heart failure or a stroke – they are still very much thinking in the same line of thinking as they were as a human being.

It takes time for your consciousness to adapt to the new situation, you will have to learn what it is like to live on what you call ‘the other side’.

So, that also explains what death and dying is: it’s a transition from a physical human life, to a spiritual soul life.

You are back where you came from, and for most of you it’s a blessing, a celebration of feeling instantly good and at easy, in the knowing that all is well, and that you just came out of a gigantic adventure in the physical realm.

However, for others it’s quite a traumatic experience.

Your attitude here, will continue there

When you are thinking negatively now, when you have a negative overall attitude towards life, your life, or living on planet Earth in general, you will still have that same ‘mindset’ when you transition.

It’s not that you instantly feel heavenly, blessed and happy ever after after you transition.

That is another reason why we always tell you to seek joy, to pursue happiness in your physical life. The state of mind, the general attitude that you have here in this physical realm, you will bring to the other side the moment you make your transition!

Some need time to adapt before getting into the heavenly state of joyAnd yes, after a while you will come to terms, you will understand and remember more and more of what your life was before your physical human existence.

You will not stay in that same mindset that you brought along from your human life, but you will have to adapt and it takes a bit of time.

Some souls have it hard on our side when they’ve just returned, because they can’t accept that they are not in this ‘hallelujah’ mood all the time after leaving the physical!

Be aware of what you are doing here in the physical. Be aware that you will bring a part of your personality with you at the beginning right after you transition.

It’s all up to you and the choices you make

There is no judgement on our side, we love you no matter what. And if you come back to us grumpy, kicking and shouting, there are many of us here to soothe you, to comfort you, and to show you how to recover from your earthly experiences.

We just want you to understand that you have a choice, right now, right here, to live your life as a human, in joy and happiness, no matter your circumstances.

Joy is available to everyone, always. Happiness is available to everyone, always. It’s a mindset!

Pursue it now, find your joy, find what makes you happy, and go live your best life now.

The easier it will be when your time comes to leave the earthly planes, the easier your transition back into the spiritual realm will be.

We love you so much, dear human, and we are always here to guide you to living your best possible human experience.

We are The Wisdom, and with that we are complete.

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