Karma, What Is It and How Does It Work?


By Lady Tabitha Daniëlle
Thursday, March 17, 2022 - 10:00 am

Welcome, welcome, dear human, on this beautiful new day. We have been asked to talk a little more about karma. It is frequently said by people that ‘karma will straighten it out’, or ‘karma will eventually catch up with them and give them what they deserve’.


We would like to let you know how karma really works. It is not as most of you think, that you are ‘punished’ for the things you do ‘wrong’. As you’ve heard from us before, on our side of the veil there is no judgment.

Also Source, or God as many of you call it, has no judgment the way you see it from your human way of thinking.

justiceWhen you, as a human being, wave with words like ‘judgment’, ‘justice’, or ‘karma’, you usually mean that you want retribution, seen from your position.

You want those who do what you think is bad or wrong, to be punished. That they will pay for what they do or have done.

When you look deeper into this, you see that these kinds of feelings arise within you from a sense of wanting ‘revenge’. You want retribution, reparation, or as you prefer to call it, ‘justice’.

Vision from a higher consciousness

However, this is not justice if the universe were to work this way. Then punishment would have to be handed out arbitrarily, based on emotions.

We see such things completely differently than you humans do. You cannot see the big picture from your human position, with the limitations of your physical senses.

When you look at it from a higher consciousness, a higher vibration, from a position where there is no separation, then you could see that there is a much bigger picture, that 99,9% of the time, you as a human being misinterpret what you see.

A different view of war

We do not want to say that a war, such as the one that is currently going on, is not taking place in your physical reality, but we do want to say that if you were to look at it from a higher perspective, you would see that everything has a purpose. That nothing happens by accident, and that even a war has many positive consequences.

warBut because you look at it from the density of the third dimension, where you mentally are most of the time, you only see the misery, the suffering, the devastation. However, that is only one aspect; there is much more going on than that.

And the positive consequences, both in your physical reality as energetically, are many times greater and broader than you can see. Only when you move into the higher frequencies, into the dimension of Light and Love, can you get an idea of the true reality.

What is karma?

When you talk about karma, you’re talking about something that is instantaneous. Karma is not something that spreads over several lifetimes, as many of you think. We see that many people think of karma in terms of ‘he has messed up in this life, he has to bear the fruits of that in the next life in order to correct it’.

That’s not how it works. Karma is not a retributive mechanism. Karma means that you reap what you sow. And that can be quite direct. When you do something that has a negative impact on another person, it also has a direct impact on you.

karma, cause-effectIf you do something to harm someone else, in whatever way, then the negative energy that you create must first pass through you, through your physical system, via your thoughts and your emotions. That is karma, because your body and psyche react to it!

And we know that you then think ‘yes, but so-and-so is doing bad things, and they don’t notice anything’. You can’t judge that, you can’t look into someone’s mind, you can’t see how things unfold in someone else’s life. Again, you only see a fraction of what is going on.

Take it from us, that anyone who does things that harm another, reaps the direct consequences. And that may be in the form of psychological or physical burden, such as mental or physical illness, or in financial consequences, relational consequences… there are many ways this can manifest. But karma in that sense is always direct!

Don’t judge

However, be aware that what you call ‘bad’ is not necessarily bad! Also in this case, you see only a fraction of the whole. That’s why we often say that it’s better not to judge, because you judge things you don’t know enough about, can’t even know.

We hope you understand this and that this is also a lesson for you to, first of all, pay attention not to judge others or situations, but also to become more aware of the consequences of your own actions. For karma does not only work for another, it also works for you!

And with this message we close for today.

We are The Wisdom, and with that we are complete for now.

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