Do You Create From Resistance or Acceptance?


By Lady Tabitha Daniëlle
Thursday, February 10, 2022 - 10:00 am

Welcome, welcome, dear reader, on this beautiful new day. As every time, we are happy to speak with you again. Every time we look forward to these moments, and we’re happy that once again you’re taking the time to take in our message.

When things in your life don’t go the way you’d want them to, you tend to give up. You go into your head, so to speak, and you keep thinking about what is going wrong, or what is not going the way you would prefer.

We realize that it’s not always easy for humans to control your thoughts, or even to reject thoughts and not think them.

Get out of resistance and accept what is

resistanceWhat we do want to say here is, that whenever you have negative thoughts, don’t go into resistance. Don’t go into a forced, or even frustrated, anger with yourself, forcing yourself to think something else.

We can already hear you thinking ‘yes, but how else am I supposed to do it?’. Well, it’s easier to distract yourself. Accept the negative thought in the first place. Say ‘thank you’ to that thought, acknowledge that the negative thought is there.

Next, you instruct that thought that it is no longer necessary, that the thought may disappear.

After that, you consciously choose to think something else. You choose to think a thought of something you do like.

Where is your focus when you’re sick?

For example: you’ve become sick and you’re in pain. From your humanness you’re used to focus on how miserable you feel. ‘This hurts’, ‘I feel bad’, ‘I can’t do anything today, because I’m miserable’… Such thoughts are your usual pattern. You keep focusing your attention on what is in this moment.

But that what is in this moment is not real. No, don’t say ‘it is real, because I feel it, don’t I?’ What you feel and experience is the result of thoughts from your past. And that past could just as well be yesterday or last year. It is about past thoughts.

These can be thoughts like ‘oh, my colleague, roommate, family member, whoever, is seriously sick. I hope I don’t get it too’, or ‘I don’t feel so good, I hope I don’t get sick’, or ‘there’s a lump here, I hope it’s not cancer’. These thoughts in themselves don’t make you sick immediately, but the first impetus has been given.

Consciously create that what you want

As soon as you think these kinds of thoughts more often, you are creating, and focusing on, getting sick. In this sense, we are saying that if you are sick, it is a result of previous thoughts.

As we’ve said before, we are not blaming you for this, but you do have the responsibility. And you are the only one who can change the situation. And you do that by thinking new thoughts.

healthy & fitSo take the focus away from the fact that you feel sick, and start seeing yourself as if you’re already fit and healthy again. You have the expression ‘fake it til you make it’. That’s what you should do when you’re in a situation you don’t want to be in.

Vividly imagine that the situation is already different than it is right now. Immerse yourself completely in it, so that in your mind you can already see and experience what it’s like when the situation is as you want it to be.

In doing so, you put the creative power that you and every human being possesses into motion. You’ve then begun to create a new reality, and it begins in your mind.

Resistance puts focus on what you don’t want

For example, when you fret a lot about the current situation in the world, or in your own country. The corona measures, the government, things you feel resistance against. Get out of that resistance, accept that the situation is as it is, and start seeing in your mind the situation as you would like it to be.

Feel and experience the freedom again in your mind, without restrictive measures. You may think this is ‘wishful thinking’, but this is the way to change your current situation. Not from resistance, but from acceptance.

When you are in resistance, your focus is on creating that which you don’t want. It’s as simple as that. From acceptance, without resistance, there’s room to create new situations.

Discover the power of who you really are

It’s about time you realized that you are so much more, and have so much more power, than what you’ve always thought until now. We’ll keep saying it until you see it for yourself: you are a spiritual being experiencing life in physical form.

team Human and SourceAnd that spiritual being that you really are, is so powerful, can do so much! So much more than you can imagine. And now is the time for you as a human being to start cooperating with that part of yourself. You are a team, you and Source, you and your Higher Self, you and All that Is.

We are The Wisdom, we’re not people, we’ve never been, we are energy, and from this energy we help humanity to see again who they really are.

And with that we are complete for now.

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