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By Lady Tabitha Daniëlle
Thursday, December 9, 2021 - 10:00 am

Welcome, welcome, dear reader, we are happy to see you back on this beautiful new day. We see that there are many concerns with you and your fellow humans about the things that are going on in the world. And we want to show you that those worries are unduly.

Yes, there’s a lot happening that you can see. However… there is a lot more that you can not see. From our higher spheres, the spiritual realm, we oversee the plans that are behind the current world crisis, and we can assure you that these plans are only there for your benefit. For the highest good of you and all of humanity.

What is really going on in the world?

And we immediately feel resistance rising up in you. You might think that you’ll have to live in a ‘communist, totalitarian police state’, you’re afraid that you and the next generations have lost your freedoms forever.

No, no, no, dear reader. That is not what is going on. Right now there is a great purification going on, a cleansing of the energy on earth.

cleanupAnd as you’ve undoubtedly experienced many times in your life, a big cleanup almost always requires creating a lot of junk first, before getting into the smallest nooks and crannies, to be able to clean up there too and make sure everything that doesn’t belong is gone. True or not?

So that’s what is the case now. The energy on earth was so heavy, so dark, so intense, that something had to be done.

You’re sitting front row, just like you wanted

By the way, this has been known for thousands of years, that the purification that is going on now would take place at this time. That is exactly why you are here now! You were at the forefront, as we already said in our last message.

You wanted to be here, you wanted to experience this, from the game, you wanted to experience it up close, you wanted to be on top of it. This is the most exciting time that has ever been and that ever will be for humanity. This is the great cleanup of all that is dark and gloomy.

questions, answersQuestions answered

We saw questions coming in after our last message, and the first question ties into this, so we will answer it.

How do you convince people who are deathly ill, or have to live their lives with severe pains in their bodies, that life is a playground?

Dear questioner, and anyone reading this, no one is to be convinced. It is not your job to convince others. Each one of you will wake up in his or her own time. And some will never see it. That is the choice they make for themselves and almost always made before they incarnated into the body they have now. That’s point 1.

Point 2: When people are suffering, when people are experiencing pain, sadness, physical or mental discomfort, you can comfort them precisely with the messages as we bring them. Realize, and we say it again, that our messages are produced by you. We are only saying what you already know deep inside! We are you, you are us, remember that!

You are a much more powerful being than your physical human, you are infinite, and also infinite in power. And that includes those who have become caught up in the heaviness of human life, who have forgotten how to keep their energy high, who are no longer in the higher vibration where everything becomes lighter, more light-hearted and easier.

Therefore, encourage those who are suffering to stop negative self-talk, to stop focusing on the things they perceive as negative, to choose new thoughts.

light at the end of the tunnelYes, pain is unpleasant, yes, sadness is a given, but even with pain, with sadness, you can choose to think better thoughts and ultimately lift yourself to a better energy, from which it becomes easier to see the light at the end of the tunnel. Those who want to see it, who do their best to shake off the negativity, they will see it!

And will their situation improve? Oh yes, it will! We are you, you are us, and so are those people. When they are in a higher vibration, they will become more receptive to the light knocks on their door that we constantly give, they will start to feel the guidance that we offer from our side, they will hear the voice of their intuition again.

We hope this answers your question.

Will the current situation ever end?

There were two more questions, which we will also answer. This will make our message a little longer than usual, but we trust you will appreciate it, and benefit from it.

The next question was:

Will this state of affairs in the world end soon?

Here we can be brief. Yes, but it starts IN you. The state of the world is your creation, and we say this without blaming you, without judging or condemning you. However, it is a fact that you are the creator of your world, of your reality. And you are partly responsible, together with your many co-creators, for the situation in the world.

What we said above also applies to you: choose better thoughts. Do not allow yourself to slip into fear, frustration, anger, resistance and opposition. What you focus on grows, so give your attention to what you do want!

Create your world from positive thoughts, from Love. Love is the greatest creative force, from love the most beautiful, seemingly impossible creations arise. Focus on that! And then this new world, a world in harmony, peace, love, connection and togetherness will start to take shape from you.

Live after death

And then we have one last question, which we would like to answer.

Are we being prepared for life after death through these channelings? Are we being told not to worry because we will soon be going to a more beautiful place, back to the source?

To this the answer is also simple: no. No, we are not preparing you for the life after your human life. Instead, our messages are meant to bring you back to your own power, to make you realize that you are the creator of your world, that you have the power and the strength to change the world and your reality.

You and we are one, it is of the utmost importance, in order to get everything out of your human experience, that you realize who you really are: a sparkle of God, the I AM energy, Source energy. You are a being entitled to abundance, to well-being, to love, and it is all within reach for you and everyone else.

No longer give your power away!

It is only your human brain, your programming, your memories and experiences that create feelings of lack and limitations. You put far too much outside of yourself, you give your power away to others, when you have that power yourself, and have a right to use it!

And we do not mean that you have to fight to get what you want, that you have to go to the barricades to fight for your freedom, which you now feel you have lost because of what governments do. No, go within!

powerDiscover the power within yourself, go and see how powerful and strong you are, and you will see that this will manifest itself in the world around you. The world you create with your thoughts, your emotions and your vibration.

Return to Love, unconditional Love, and stop judging and thinking negatively about situations and people. Are there ‘dark forces’? Yes. Should you give your power away by giving them your attention and focusing on them? No, on the contrary!

Stop trying to understand, start feeling

Dear human, it is so simple, but your human brain wants to understand everything, to be able to explain everything, and it cannot access this. Get out of that thinking mode and turn inward, focus on your heart, focus on love. That is the most important answer we can give you.

And we wish you and your fellow humans a wonderful life in your physical, human form. By the time you eventually return and are reabsorbed into the Source from which you came, you will see it again as we see it. But that time has not yet come at all for most of you. So you can breathe easy, you will only go at the time that you have agreed to in advance that you will go.

We hope our answers have been able to give you some clarity. We look forward to our next meeting.

We are The Wisdom. We love you, we love you, we love you and all people. It is time for you to love you too, and all that is in your life.

And with that, we are complete for today.

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