Overcoming Poverty: Is the Magic in Your Thoughts?


By Lady Tabitha Daniëlle
Thursday, February 2, 2023 - 10:00 am

Welcome, welcome, dear human, on this beautiful day indeed. We are so pleased to be with you again and we’d like to speak about poverty.

Poverty, a cause for fear

homelessWe see many people that are living in desperate situations, where there’s not enough money to buy the things they need, not enough clothing, or warm shoes, or even a roof over their head.

We understand that this can be challenging at the least, seen from your human perspective.

We understand that poverty is a problem, and that you as a human are worried about this, whether or not you will get to experience it in your lifetime, and trying hard to avoid it at any cost. We get that, we understand.

So, why do we want to speak about poverty? Especially in a time where so many of you are struggling?

Two sides of the coin

Poverty isn’t something that is new. As you certainly know, there has been poverty throughout the ages, in almost every place on the planet there have been times of distress, with food shortages, famine, disasters by natural causes, disasters by human doing, or just by bad governing of people over people.

So why this topic is important is because of the other side of the coin: abundance. Poverty and abundance, they seem to be the total opposites, right? And we see why you think that.

We are here to tell you otherwise. Poverty and abundance are actually the same in a certain way.

We can almost hear you thinking, that we must have lost it today. But really, we haven’t.

The state of mind that you’re in when you experience abundance and the state of mind when you experience poverty are different, that is true.

Poverty comes from a more dense vibration than abundance, which usually comes from a much higher vibration.

But… both are created by your state of mind, by your beliefs and your thoughts, the meaning you give things.

They both are the result of the things that you focus on, the things that you put your attention on. They both are end results and both are your creation when you experience it.

Vibration of fear and shame

Many people that experience abundance are happy, and feel a certain amount of pride when they’ve achieved it.

While when people experience poverty, there’s a lot of shame going on, a lot of self blame, and fear.

state of fearWe have spoken about fear before, and fear is a state of mind that holds you hostage. It lets no space for creativity, for thinking outside the box, it narrows down your options and the ability to see new ways out of a situation.

So when you’re in fear, fear of becoming poor, fear of losing your home, your money, your health, which can all result in poverty, that is a starting point downhill.

Nonetheless it is your creation!

How can you prevent poverty?

So what can you do to prevent poverty knocking on your door? Start thinking thoughts that are focused on abundance.

And we don’t mean money by that, although money is a part of it. But abundance is so much more.

Abundance is being in good health, abundance is having healthy relationships with other people, abundance is having a support system which can be humans, but also spirit guides and angels.

Abundance also means knowing your worth, your value, and from that comes self-love, which is one of the greatest assets to have.

While poverty is a state of being where you feel lack in everything. You feel alone, you’re afraid, you don’t know where to go, what to do, it feels like you have no options, every street has a dead end, or so it seems.

Go to the root: your mind

But it all starts in your mind, in your thoughts, and that is where you have to go to change things!

Start looking differently at the things you have in your life, no matter what they are. Even if you’re on the streets living under a bridge in a cardboard box.

GratefulBegin with practicing to be grateful. Grateful for every breath you’re able to take, grateful for every heartbeat, grateful that you have oxygen to breathe in, grateful for the sunshine, or the rain, whatever it is you’re experiencing.

Start practicing that, and begin to look at the upside of things instead of the downside.

Everything in your life, everything you see, everything you experience, is created by your very thoughts! So you better choose them wisely to create a new future from now on.

If poverty has hit you already, your mindset is the tool you have to get out of it.

Choose your thoughts carefully

When you are just afraid of becoming poor, that same mindset can actually lead to poverty.

So begin to shape your thoughts, and begin to take action to step into a different direction, thinking thoughts that are leading you towards abundance.

Think thoughts that lead you away from fear, away from feeling lack, away from feeling alone and abandoned.

Your thoughts hold so much power, your beliefs, your ideas of how the world works… but it all comes back to your thoughts.

It’s all about the way you perceive things, the way you perceive the world and the things in your life.

You have the choice, you are the one holding the steering wheel, you are in charge, and you can get out of any situation you’re currently in.

You can avoid any situation you’re afraid of.

Take back responsibility

Get out of the fear, and start taking back responsibility for your life, for your experiences, because you have the power.

you hold the keyYou are the one holding the key to anything you wish. Even though you maybe can’t see it right now.

You are a powerful, spiritual being in a physical body, experiencing life on Earth.

And no matter your circumstances, you are doing a great job in creating your world!

Now is the time to start creating the world that you want to live in. You hold the key to that, the key is not outside of you, it never has been.

It’s you, and you alone. With your thoughts, with your beliefs, with the meaning you give the things you experience.

We hope this message will find you healthy and helps you to come back to your power. Because you are worthy of having it all.

We love you, we love you, we love you.

We are The Wisdom, and with that, we are complete.

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