July 15 Wildfire and Its Extraordinary Message

Photo: Tabitha Daniëlle

By Lady Tabitha

 Saturday, 23 July 2022 - 10:00

Last week, Friday July 15, my husband and I were doing the dishes and watched through the kitchen window outside. At first it was sunny, nothing weird going on, but all of a sudden the sky turned yellowish and in the reflection of the car we could see that the sun had turned red.

My first reaction was ‘oh no, not again Sahara dust!’, because that’s what we had a few weeks ago, where everything had turned orange, and after a bit of rainfall it all went muddy.

Wildfire in the distance

We went outside to check the sky, I walked behind my husband as I heard him loudly say: “FIRE! There’s a fire on the mountain!”.

I’m not easily scared, but fire here in Southern Spain is a not to be ignored danger! During the summertime, where everything is dry and arid, and winds can be strong, fire is the last thing you want to see.

wildfire on the mountainBut there it was… on the other side of ‘our’ mountain. A dark column of heavy smoke went up in the air, letting us know that this was serious and not some small fire of a reckless Spanish neighbor burning up their garden trimmings.

Connecting with the fire

Knowing what is being said in nearly every channeled message I receive, that everything that happens is happening FOR me, I was not afraid of the fire. I kept repeating in myself, that something good was going to come from this disaster. Because from a human viewpoint, it definitely was a disaster.

map of the fire
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The fire had started shortly after noon about 6 miles away from us, and with a speed of about 54 yards a minute pushed by the wind, it rushed toward us. Firefighters from all over the area were working tirelessly to get it under control, but the wind and the drought was working against them.

I asked my group of fellow channelers to send love and intentions of a positive outcome to our area and all the people in it, to the firefighters as well as to the fire. And then one of them asked me if I had already connected with the fire, asking it questions? Which I hadn’t yet, but right after she asked, I tuned in to the energy of the fire, and got an amazing message!

Conversation with the wildfire

Q: What does this wildfire want me to know?

A: Whoooosh.. we burn, we burn everything in our way, whooosh, we are flames, out of control, evaporating everything we come across. Stay out of our way, we are dangerous, we are lethal to you.

Q: Are you angry?

A: Hell yes, we are angry, we are angry at how humans use the Earth, how they destroy things and take everything nature has to offer for granted, so yeah, we’re teaching them a lesson, to never underestimate the power of nature, the power of wildfire, uncontrollably burning and causing an inferno.

Q: Can I do something to temper your rage?

A: You are a sweetheart, and we love that you are worried, and want to help. But who do you want to help? Focus on yourself, focus on the things you’ve created in your reality, and change them from within. Send love to everyone that is causing harm to your beautiful planet, send them light, send them consciousness, so that they will change their ways for the better.

Q: Will you take lives this time?

A: Unfortunately, we have no other option. When humans interfere, and try to extinguish our flames, casualties will happen. We don’t really mean to, we just want to warn, but people are not always the smartest creatures, so they tend to come too close and get trapped. Every firefighter has their own free will and their thinking mind to see whether or not it’s safe to approach us. We can’t change our ways for a firefighter, however hard we may try. So we will see when this is over, how many lives will be lost and taken by our rage. We apologize for any loss of life, that’s not what we intend. We just want to warn humanity, that the elements, are always more powerful than you human beings.

Q: Is there a special lesson in this for myself?

A: There is, we are showing you that you can stay calm, without being in fear, whereas in earlier times you would have freaked out. You’ve learned to not fear us, but to stand beside us, be one with us. Although we understand that you don’t like the idea of being one with our devastating powers, but yes, we are you, and you are us, so we’re part of you, whether you like it or not. Anyway, we’ve got work to do, there’s a lot going on up that mountain, and we’re having a blast, literally! Stay safe, don’t approach us directly, stay in the distance, and send your loving thoughts to all, including us flames. And thank you, you’ve calmed us a bit down by having a chance to express ourselves. That will help your cause. Stay in tune, we love you. We are the wildfire of Mijas and El Higuerón.

fire & full moonA few hours later

When the night fell and everything was dark, we could see the flames crawling to the top of our mountain. Which was actually a spectacular view that we probably will never see again.

Together with the full moon it had something magical and it felt as if nature itself was showing off its immense power! But the fire wasn’t done yet, it did try to scare me, and the next day we ran into it, unexpectedly and quite terrifying.

I will continue this story in the next blog post! So stay tuned! I planned to write a sequel, but totally forgot. And now I have no idea anymore what I wanted to share 😅.

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