Can Huge Problems Prevent You From Feeling Any Gratitude?


By Lady Tabitha Daniëlle
Thursday, April 7, 2022 - 10:00 am

Welcome, welcome, dear human, we are pleased to be able to talk with you again on this beautiful new day. After our last message, we’ve seen questions from people that have huge problems and difficulties in their lives, and can’t see any way out of it.

They ask us ‘how can you say that we need to be grateful?’ and ‘you have no idea what you’re talking about, being in this human experience is hard and troublesome!’.

What if problems are insurmountable?

Do you have unsurmountable problems?We understand that, and we feel compassion for everyone having problems that seem insurmountable. But we do keep saying that the things you focus on, are the things you receive more of. As long as you keep focusing on your problems, however severe they may seem, you will keep creating problems over and over again.

No, we’re not blaming you for it, we understand that you are overwhelmed by your feelings of fear and worries. Just try to take tiny steps towards the situation that you would want to end up in.

Are you in financial trouble, having hard times to pay your bills, or even heavily in debt? We get that you feel that there is no room for gratitude, we understand it. And we have no judgment that you are feeling that way.

Take a step back, and detach for a while

We just want to encourage you that whenever you feel this overwhelm, just take a step back, look at yourself in about ten years from now. What will life look like, how will you feel? How will you look back at this period? Will you have overcome your problems? Will you have managed to get out of it?

Let’s assume you will. Just for now. Just pretend that it’s ten years later, and you are doing much better financially than you did ten years previous. Do you think you are then still thinking about those exact worries that go on in your mind right now? You are now probably struggling with a bill, let’s say a bill for your electricity, or a bill for your medications that you believe you can’t afford.

Will you still be thinking of that bill ten years from now? We can assure you that you will not. We can assure you that the worries over this particular bill will have faded away within, and let’s take it generous, a month from now.

Next month you’ll have other things that you will be worrying about. New bills to pay, new challenges and financial troubles. Right?

Baby steps towards gratitude

Okay, now, just for now, whatever it is you have to pay for, and you feel negative emotions about, let’s say it’s a bill for electricity. Don’t you think you could find a sense of gratitude just for having electricity? Whenever you want, you can switch a light switch and there will be light, turn on a radio or any electrical equipment, and it will work.

Take small steps at a time, baby stepsOr take running water, fresh, clear water to drink, right from the tap in your home. Is that not something to be thankful for? Choose the smallest things that make you the least uncomfortable to practice gratitude.

If you feel that you are having a rough time because you can only eat two meals a day instead of three, because of your financial situation…. We understand that these are situations you don’t want. But what if you just practiced gratitude for having two meals a day, instead of not having to eat at all? You still have food, you still have money to buy some food. Right?

Change will occur, if you do your part

It’s easy to focus on the bad things, on the lack and limitations, but we keep saying that if you just change your focus a little bit towards gratitude and a more positive attitude, that you will definitely start to experience change.

And you won’t have to beat yourself up every time that you fall back in old habits, just as long as you become aware that you did fall back, and then get up again and start anew. Bring your focus back to gratitude. You don’t have to run around naked, do you? You do have clothes to wear. That is something to be grateful for.

And we assure you, that those feelings of gratitude will make a difference, even if it’s only for the smallest of things, for a smile of a stranger, gratitude that the sun did rise again today, gratitude for blossoms on trees, gratitude for seeing young animals in meadows jumping around, there’s so much to be grateful for.

But… you will have to make the effort to go into that feeling of gratitude. Sitting back, grumpy and negative, focusing on everything you don’t have, will only leave you with less in the future than you have today. It’s the way it works.

Practice trust in Source

trustAnother thing is that you can practice trust. Trusting Source, that everything you need will be taken care of. You don’t have to figure out the ‘hows’, that’s not your job. Maybe the problems you’re experiencing right now, are lessons to teach you to trust more.

Just take this into consideration, ponder on it and see if you can find a sense of relaxation in feeling a bit more faith that things happen for a reason, and that all is well. Because, it in fact all is well.

We truly hope that some of you may find the courage to change their attitude, to step up and start focusing on the more positive things in live, because no matter how bad your life looks from your perspective, there definitely are positives, you only have to be willing to see and acknowledge them!

We are The Wisdom, we send you our love and our support, even if you don’t believe we do, and with that we are complete.

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