7 Important Things to Know About Channeling Source Energy or Spirit Guides


By Lady Tabitha

 Friday, 10 February 2023 - 12:45

What is the difference between channeling Source Energy or spirit guides? To answer this question, I looked online to see what the general stance is on this topic. And the following text is a summary of what I’ve found:

Channeling Source Energy refers to the practice of connecting with and receiving guidance, wisdom, and energy from a divine, universal, or cosmic source. It is often described as a way of tapping into a higher consciousness or wisdom beyond the individual self.

channeling source energyOn the other hand, channeling a spirit guide refers to the practice of communicating with, and receiving guidance from, a specific, individual entity that is separate from the channeler. This entity can be a deceased person, an angel, a spirit animal, or any other non-physical entity. The spirit guide is believed to act as a mentor or advisor, providing guidance and support to the channeler.

In summary, the main difference between channeling Source Energy and channeling a spirit guide is that the former involves connecting with a broader, Universal source of wisdom and energy, while the latter involves connecting with a specific, individual entity.

This understanding was on the one hand logical, somehow it made sense, but on the other hand I still had this nagging feeling that there is more to it. So I channeled an answer to the same question.

Channeled answer to the same question

And this is the answer I received:

Thank you for this question, because it’s an interesting perspective, to view both energies as separate. Because, as you know very well, there is no separation. There is not a separate ‘spirit guide’ or a separate ‘Source Energy’, they are both the same.

We do understand that when you ask a spirit guide, or an archangel, a deceased loved one, or anyone in the spiritual realm, for guidance, that you are aiming to get an answer from that specific entity. You see it as a personality, a ‘someone’, somebody that’s an individual albeit in spiritual form, non-physical in essence.

So from that stance we get that you would think they’re separate from Source Energy. But in all factuality, they are one and the same. If you channel a spirit guide, or like for instance you are channeling us right now, The Wisdom, you are at the same time channeling Source Energy.

And to be a lot more precise: you are channeling you. Because you are Source Energy, although you see yourself as a human, different and separate from it. You are not separate from it, you are it, and you are a particle of it as a human being at the same time.

You see, for humans with your logical, analytical minds, it’s merely impossible to understand this on an intellectual level. It’s complicated, as you people so often say about relationships. Well, this relationship, of you and Source, it’s a bit complicated for your human brain as well 😉

We love you so much, dear human, and we hope we’ve answered your question with this. You have answered your own question, from deep within you, where you are Source Energy, and you know this to be true. Go from your head into your heart, and you can directly experience it, the I AM, that you are.

And with that we are complete.

Channeling Source Energy or spirit guides, here are my 7 things to know

So, after receiving this message, I will recap their answer in my own words:

  1. Source Energy is the All, it’s the creative Source of everything
  2. Spirit guides, angels, archangels, other people either living or dead, any other energy that you can commune with are all Source Energy
  3. In fact you, the reader, and I, we’re all Source Energy, and we’re all One in essence
  4. As human beings we are not only Source Energy, but we’re also particles of Source Energy, with our own individual specifics, looks, characters etc.
  5. Our human minds can’t fathom the depth of this, no matter how hard we try
  6. Our hearts do understand without thinking, because in our hearts is where Source Energy resides, it’s that which we can feel when we silence our mind
  7. When we live from our hearts, we can live as the I AM, the Source Energy which we all are

Bottom line, is there a difference between channeling Source Energy and spirit guides? Not really. One can perceive it as different, as communication with an individual spirit, but in essence it’s all One, all the same, all Source Energy, all you, the I Am.


What are your thoughts? Let me know in the comments!

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