45 Minute Private Channeling Session

During a 45 minute (up to an hour) live Zoom call, you will have a conversation with Lady Tabitha’s guides, The Wisdom, while Lady Tabitha is in channel state, functioning as interpreter between you and the energies that come through her.

In the session you can ask questions or share things you want clarity about. The Wisdom will answer your questions in easy-to-understand wording so that you can integrate their advice into your daily life.

Ask anything in a session!

You can talk about anything, be it relationships, work, health, finances, or maybe you want to know how to be more creative, how to live more in the flow, how to receive or give more, how to be more positive, or anything you want to ask.

The call will be recorded, and a few days after the call you will receive an email with a download link to download the recordings to your local device or your phone, to watch or listen to the message as often as you wish, at any time.

After purchasing this product, you get to choose a date and a time for the Zoom call to take place.

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What people say about this...
To experience a channelled message from Tabitha and her guides is to feel love and gentleness. I learned so much from listening to Tabitha’s guides

Lesley M. Kaye
Hello Tabitha I had a wonderful and inspiring channeling session with you on May 26th. With your professional, unprejudiced, warm-hearted, honest and loving manner, you

I totally loved my session with Tabitha. Her channeling resonates deeply in my soul and it helped me to understand through a fresh perspective. I

My session with Tabitha’s guides gave me the confidence to make positive changes in my life. I woke up the next morning with a new

I had a channeling today it was very reassuring that l am on the right path ! Knowing how to continue to enjoy my future

Tabitha and her guides are so deeply loving. Her voice emanates gentleness and compassion as she shares the guidance coming through. The energy she channels

Your channeling was spot on! As a channel myself, I really appreciate how You could find both words and symbols that is so familiar to

Oh Tabitha, how to find the words to express the deep gratitude I have for the channeled message I received through you. The message, the

I recently had a channelled session with Tabitha and I’d love to share how it went. I knew it was going to be great as

Lesley M. Kaye
Lady Tabitha has given me several channelled messages. The messages  I have received from her Channel are loving, caring, and are filled with love, wisdom,

The session I had with Tabitha was a magical and delightful heart experience, which I greatly enjoyed. The message was very meaningful answering the questions

My session with Tabitha was very uplifting and supportive, providing the clarity and focus I needed in order to create a future for myself that

A session with Tabitha is always an uplifting experience that inspires new discoveries and invites joyful expansion. Each one is different and perfectly tailored to

De sessie was heel inspirerend en emotioneel voor mij. Als je spiritueel wilt groeien dan is zo een een prive sessie heel erg aan te

During my recent session, Tabitha’s guides very lovingly went right to the heart of what holds me back in my life. Something in me was

Tabitha did a wonderful job bringing through messages from my guides, she was patient and listened to my questions and concerns with an open heart.



  • Guided Insights
Receive channeled answers in a 45-minute Zoom call with The Wisdom, offering clarity for daily life.
  • Diverse Life Topics
Explore relationships, work, health, creativity, and more, gaining practical wisdom.
  • Flexible Learning
Receive download links for the audio and video recordings of the call afterwards, to revisit and internalize guidance at your convenience.
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