Rooted in Light: A Guided Grounding Meditation

Guided Meditation to Be Solidly Grounded

Discover the essence of inner peace and grounding with this transformative guided meditation designed to anchor you deeply into the Earth while connecting you to the vastness of the Universe.

This unique meditation exercise is an invitation to illuminate your path with the bright golden light of consciousness, creating a powerful link between you and the core of Mother Earth, as well as the eternal light of Source.

Elevate your spirit as the light travels beyond your physical form, linking you to the infinite energy of the cosmos, enhancing your openness to higher guidance and wisdom.

Use as daily practice

Whether standing or sitting comfortably in a chair, this meditation is accessible to all, ensuring you can find grounding in any setting.

This meditation serves as a powerful tool in your spiritual toolkit, perfect for daily practice or whenever you need to reclaim your power, grounding, and balance.

Ideal for those moments when you need to center yourself, it provides a quick yet profound way to return to your inner strength and calm.

Audio Example

Full Meditation Duration: 11:51 minutes.

Safety Note: For your well-being, please ensure you engage with this meditation in a safe, stationary environment. It is not suitable for listening while operating machinery, driving, or in any situation where your full attention is required for safety.

For personal use only. If you want to share, then only share the link to this page!

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What people say about this...
I loved the meditation Rooted in Light. I took a break from a very stressful day today to listen to this meditation. Before the meditation,



  • Get Grounded Quickly
A short meditation that you can listen to during a coffee break, lunch or whenever you need to quickly step back into your power and feel balanced and grounded again
  • Connects You Deeply With the Earth and Source
This connection makes you feel empowered, peaceful and relaxed, able to handle whatever is going on in your life, tapping energy from both the Earth and the Universe
  • Quiet Your Mind and Be in the Now-Moment with Ease
If you find it hard to quiet your mind, this quick meditation makes it easy to come back into the present again
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