Channeling Preparation: Effortlessly Relax and Be Open To Receive Messages

Start on a transformative journey with the ‘Channeling Preparation Meditation‘, expertly crafted by Lady Tabitha Daniëlle.

This unique meditation is specifically designed to attune your mind and spirit to the higher frequencies, paving the way for profound spiritual communication and self-discovery.


  • Format: High-quality MP3 audio, easily downloadable for on-the-go access
  • Content: A blend of gentle guidance, relaxing ambient sounds, and subtle frequencies to enhance your channeling experience
  • Harmonious 432Hz Music: Infused with the calming sounds of 432Hz music, known for its natural resonance and harmonious alignment with the body and mind, enhancing your meditative experience and aiding in effortlessly entering a channeled state.

How to Use

Simply find a quiet, comfortable space and allow yourself to be guided by Lady Tabitha’s soothing voice. Suitable for daily practice or whenever you seek a deeper spiritual connection.

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Audio Example

Full Meditation Duration: 18:51 minutes.

Safety Note: For your well-being, please ensure you engage with this meditation in a safe, stationary environment. It is not suitable for listening while operating machinery, driving, or in any situation where your full attention is required for safety.

For personal use only, not to be shared or redistributed.

Download this meditation now to get into a channeled state with ease and improve your channeling skills
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  • Deep Relaxation
Achieve the right state of deep relaxation and mental clarity that you need to receive messages from your soul and other energies you want to connect with
  • Spiritual Connection
Enhance your ability to connect with your higher self, guides or angels and build a relationship with them, receiving guidance whenever you need it
  • Intuitive Development
Deepen your connection with your inner wisdom and soul and live with greater harmony, ease, and flow. Align with your true self and experience a more fulfilling life
  • Access to Higher Wisdom
Improve your channeling skills and receive profound wisdom whenever you ask for it and get to see your life from a higher perspective
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