Spirit Whisperers – Automatic Writing Workshop

Introduction to channeling through automatic writing

Welcome to Spirit Whisperers – Introduction to Channeling Through Automatic Writing – an immersive workshop designed to unlock the secrets of automatic writing, a profound method for channeling spiritual messages. This unique experience gets you on a transformative journey that will enrich your life in countless ways.

Power of the Spirit Whisperers workshop

It takes you on a path that connects you with the spirit realm and unveils a new perspective on life. You’ll gain insights and wisdom that go beyond the ordinary, enabling you to view your life through a clearer, more elevated lens.

The Spirit Whisperers workshop guides you into the beautiful practice of channeling through automatic writing, a powerful tool for introspection and self-discovery. As you learn to hear the subtle whispers of your soul, you’ll uncover aspects of yourself, your life and your reality, you never knew existed.

Regular channeling fosters a sense of inner peace and emotional balance, helping you navigate the ebbs and flows of life with a peaceful heart and a quiet mind.

Beside automatic writing being a profound spiritual exercise, it’s also a powerful way to boost your intuition and creativity. It allows you to tap into the infinite well of your subconscious mind, connecting with other creative entities and energies, all the while enhancing your problem-solving skills and triggering your creative spark.

Who is this workshop for?

This workshop is designed for beginners with no experience in automatic writing at all, and people that have experience already. It’s a workshop for anyone wanting to make channeling and automatic writing a part of their daily routine.

It’s tailored to offer profound experiences and insights to all. It’s especially beneficial for those seeking personal growth, emotional healing, and a deeper connection with the spiritual aspects of life.

The Spirit Whisperers workshop guides you to a new lifestyle, where connection with the unseen and ethereal realm becomes natural. It’s an invitation to explore the mysteries of the spirit realm and harness the power of automatic writing for personal transformation and enlightenment.

Join the journey of a lifetime

If you are looking for connection, for unity, come along on this journey, because it will deeply connect you with the Universe and the myriad forms of life within it. Communicating with angels, spirit guides, and various entities and energies becomes more accessible, answering the many questions you hold within.

Learn to channel insights and wisdom from your soul team, your guides and your Higher Self to navigate life’s challenges. This skill can be a powerful coping mechanism, providing you with strength and guidance during difficult times.

Join the Spirit Whisperers and step into a world of self-discovery, peace, and creative empowerment, guiding you to a more harmonious, satisfying and happier life.

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Thank you for sending me the invitation to your workshop. I finished watching your video yesterday, enjoyed listening to it. Very interesting, also hearing other

Thank you for this program! It contained so many helpful tips to give me the confidence that I too can channel! The meditation to get

I was surprised at how much useful information was in this course! So much more than how to channel, but actual help with channeling, examples,



  • Learn to communicate with your Higher Self
You know things without consciously knowing them, and by writing them down directly coming from your Soul, your Higher Self you get insights and knowledge to get you through anything you experience with grace and ease
  • Discover your new best friend in your Soul
You are never feeling alone again, you are filled with trust and knowing that your Soul is having your back, supporting you and leading the way to your best life
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