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Remember Who You Are

Date & Time:

June 27, 2024

9 pm CEST

(till ±10.30 pm CEST)


Free of Charge

What Is This Event About?

Connected in love

Join us for an enlightening gathering designed to reconnect you with your divine essence of pure love.

Discover the profound truth that you are not merely a physical being but an eternal spirit experiencing humanity.

In a channeled message The Wisdom will guide you to awareness, to the knowing and remembering of your eternal truth, so you will never again forget!

Dive deep into the mystery of your true origin and embrace the fullness of your spiritual journey. This event is your invitation to awaken and celebrate the eternal spirit that you truly are.

Remember Who You Are

Channeled Message from The Wisdom

As always there will be a message from The Wisdom, showing you who and what you in essence are, and letting you feel the love that is there for you.

Questions & Answers

Have you ever thought about who you truly are? Ask yourself 'Who Am I?' and then see what comes up. If any questions surface, write them down and bring them to this event, for The Wisdom will give you answers!

Find Community

Every monthly event we've held so far has been a feast of connection, of mutual love, compassion, understanding, support. If you're looking around to find those things, join us, because it's here for you!

Singing & Dancing

Our events always include music. Music lifts you up, raises your vibration, invites you to move your body and dance. Usually The Wisdom shares a channeled song as well. Don't miss out, experience it yourself!

Playfulness and Fun

Our events are meant to keep your vibration high, to lift you up, to support you in your journey through your physical human experience with a monthly boost of joy. Therefore we keep it fun, light-hearted and playful.

Join the Celebration of the Real You!

This unique event offers a sanctuary where you can explore the infinite aspects of your spiritual identity, away from the noise of everyday life. It's time to reveal your luminous spirit and uncover what has been hidden in plain sight.

Rediscover the unbounded joy and peace that come from recognizing your true, eternal nature. Join us and reignite your inner light, coming from your divine origin.

Join the celebration of You!

Register here!

We can't wait to share this experience with you. Let's connect, with each other and The Wisdom, and have a good time together!
Reserve Your Seat, Spaces Are Limited!

Join us on June 27th, 9 PM CEST


Music is a Powerful Means to Change Your Mood, Change How You Feel, so Let Songs of Love Tickle Your Ears and Open Your Heart!

Have you seen the Spotify Playlist already?

We've created it to help you Raise Your Vibration, to lift your spirit up, make you sing and dance and feel joyful, playful and happy!


Listen to a compilation of uplifting songs in the 'Raise Your Vibration' playlist HERE! Do you want your favorite song(s) added to our playlist? Tell us what they are! After checking if they fit in, we can easily add yours to the list. This playlist is for and from ALL of us!

Click HERE to submit your favorite love song or uplifting song!

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