Use of Colors: Their Profound Impact on Your Vibration

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By Lady Tabitha Daniëlle
Tuesday, May 14, 2024 - 04:00 pm

Welcome, welcome, dear human, on this beautiful new day. We are so pleased to speak with you again, and we’d like to talk about colors, the use of colors.

You may wonder what odd topic this is. Why would we want to speak about the use of colors? Well, you are living in a physical reality, where colors are abundant in everything.

There is hardly anything that doesn’t have a color. And most of you see the colors of nature, many of you enjoy those colors, but a lot of people don’t really see.

We decided to talk about this, to make you become more aware of the colors around you, and to remind you that you can use colors for different purposes.

What meaning does the color Red have to you?

Red Cardinal birdWhen you take red for instance. Red is the color of your root chakra. It’s a color that has been used to express power, aggression, anger. It’s the color of blood, it’s also a color of beautiful roses, of traffic lights…

And from there you can begin to see that colors have a meaning. Each color is nothing but a frequency. Simply put, it’s an energy wave that is translated by your brain to enable you to see the color.

Which in itself is a magnificent process that you could add to things to be grateful for.

Color for harmony and abundance?

Another color, let’s take green. It’s the color of the heart chakra, it’s the color of grass, it’s the sign to go ahead in many ways, like in traffic lights, but also in the saying to give someone the ‘green light’ to do something.

It’s the color of some beautiful birds, and fish, of plants, trees and leaves… it’s the most abundant color on the planet.

And it’s a color that gives humans a feeling of harmony, of kindness. It’s also the color of many currencies, of money.

Colors have energetic meanings

Purple amethyst, associated with spiritualityWe want you to understand that every color has a feel to it. Purple has been associated with spirituality, blue with royalty, yellow with the sun, orange with joyfulness, there are so many associations with colors, so think about it for a minute.

What colors do you see around you? What are your favorite colors, and do you have any idea how that came about? Why do you like or dislike certain colors?

It’s all about frequency, vibration, and resonance with frequency and vibration! So what can the use of colors do in that respect?

Some tips for the use of colors

Well, when you feel upset, hurt, angry, in a lower vibrational state of being, choose a color to uplift you. Use something green to center yourself back into your heart.

Or use something purple, violet, or indigo, to come back into connection with your soul, your higher self and Source energy.

Or use something yellow, to brighten your mood, to lighten you up so to speak.

And how would you ‘use’ those colors then? There are many ways.

Practical ways to incorporate colors to change your vibration

Use of colors in different ways, with clothes, food or drinksYou can wear something in the color you want to come in resonance with. Or have a drink or food in a certain color. You may use pencils or markers and do some coloring, or draw a mandala in the colors you want to resonate with.

Or burn a colored candle or incense. It’s all about the vibration of the color and tuning into that vibration.

Another example for the use of colors, is to just close your eyes and imagine everything around you being the color that you need.

If you want to go into your heart, imagine a green light, if you want to feel more grounded, standing in your power, imagine a red color, the color of the root chakra.

Chakras and colors

It can be helpful to read about the chakras, to learn more about the colors they’re associated with, so you’ll be able to use and understand the way colors can work in your life.

And look around you more, appreciate the colors you see around you. By taking in the colors around you, without you even realizing it, you’ll be making use of colors to enhance your mood, your spirit and your vibration.

When you are in a higher vibrational state of being, you’re happier, more content, feeling loved and living in a flow of ease.

That is what colors support. So use them to your advantage.

We loved to have this conversation with you, and we look forward to the next one.

We love you, we love you, we love you. We are The Wisdom, and with that we are complete.

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